PSHCE (Personal, social, health, citizenship economic) Education Overview


PSHCE is an important part of the curriculum at Wyndham Primary School (from Nursery to Year 6). It supports the physical and emotional development and well-being of our pupils. We are committed to providing the highest quality PSHCE education in order to prepare all our pupils for opportunities and responsibilities of life (physically, socially and emotionally).

We have signed a school charter, in association with the PSHE Association - which, in line with the PSHE three core themes of their education programme: Health and Wellbeing; Realtionships; Living in the wider world, Economic wellbeing and being a responsible citizen -  shows we are committed to every pupil being able to say:

My PSHCE education programme…

  •          Builds on my real life experiences
  •          Revisits themes and topics progressively challenging my thinking, beliefs and extending my learning
  •          Provides me with information that is accurate, balanced and relevant
  •          Offers a wide range of teaching styles
  •          Is teaching me knowledge, understanding, language, strategies and skills I need to manage my own life
  •          Is helping me understand what my peers really think and do
  •          Helps me recognise my progress and achievement
  •          Is part of my whole curriculum that provides planned opportunities for my personal, social, health and economic development
  •          Is located within a ‘health promoting school’
  •          Connects with my wider experience
  •          Enables me to feel safe and confident to fully engage with learning
  •          Is underpinned by a comprehensive pastoral system

Our education programme covers key issues such as:

  •          Emotional health and wellbeing
  •          Drugs
  •          Relationships
  •          Body changes


(For further information about our Relationships education program, please see our

Sex, Relationships Education policy on the Curriculum section on the website)


PSHE education is delivered by school staff, our school nurse and outside providers such as NSPCC and Blue Cross.


For further information about our PSHE education programme and the resources we

use, please contact: Mrs Jo Kilner, PSHCE Subject Lead