Our approach to Maths:
At Wyndham Primary School, we believe in developing a positive attitude and a love of learning towards Maths. We hope to raise the profile of Maths through links with ICT and through other curriculum areas such as Science and Literacy. We endeavour to make our Maths curriculum exciting and include aspects of enquiry and investigation to help pupils become independent learners.
We aim to provide a curriculum that allows children to become confident problem solvers and to be able to reason and think logically (and not just in their Maths lessons) so that they are prepared for the real world. We also hope to increase enjoyment and understanding of mental maths by using a friendly, competitive approach through our use of Apps and our interactive displays.
We want children to have an awareness of the relevance of Maths in the real world and aim to link this within our curriculum. We hope that in every year group each child will be able explain their understanding and be able to influence a wider thinking approach to Maths.
Early Years Foundation Stage
With a careful balance of play-based learning and focussed teaching, children are able to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts in their environment including number, shape, space and measure. We further support children’s learning through the use of practical resources such as Numicon so they can understand concepts better in order for them to become confident problem solvers.
Key Stage 1
In KS1 children will have an opportunity to develop their mental methods through daily practice in a range of varied tasks. They build upon their learning from earlier years by continuing to use resources such as Numicon to develop their learning.
Key Stage 2
In KS2 children are encouraged to be more independent learners through an increased amount of enquiry and investigative elements in their Maths lessons. Children will explore a wide range of concepts through collaborative work and build upon their reasoning and problem solving skills from KS1.