Maths Curriculum Statement


 The main aims of the 2014 National Curriculum are to provide children with the opportunity to:

  •          Become fluent in calculating and basic skills.
  •          Reason using Mathematical thinking, knowledge and vocabulary.
  •          Problem solve by applying their understanding to a range of new and abstract concepts.
  •          Have a deeper understanding of their learning.

At Wydham Primary School, we want to offer children as many chances as we can to embed and enrich their understanding of the Mathematics curriculum; so that they are confident, happy and independent learners – who love Maths!   



  •          Mathematical topics are taught in blocks, following the White Rose Maths progression of small steps, to enable children to gain a deeper understanding of Maths and be able to apply these skills to the wider world and beyond. 
  •          A substantial emphasis on Maths talk and language is placed in Maths lessons and each year group is responsible for creating their own ‘Maths can talk’ vocabulary booklets.   
  •          Maths talk and vocabulary is an integral part of how we teach children to understand Mathematical concepts. We provide opportunities for children to talk, discuss, reason, question, enquire and contradict through paired, small group, triad and whole class teaching.
  •          Children at Wyndham are actively encouraged to show and prove their understanding and reasoning.
  •          In September 2019, alongside 8 other schools, we became part of the Maths Hub Teaching for Mastery program, where we will develop our understanding of the Big 5 ideas of teaching for mastery and implement this into teaching and learning across Wyndham.
  •          Differentiated questioning and marking of independent work helps to identify those children who need additional support, extra time for consolidation and interventions to support their learning.



Children will be able to explain, describe, justify, prove and create their own problems to show their understanding of Maths. They will be able to deepen their understanding by asking questions and by using mathematical language to articulate this. Through an enriched Maths curriculum, children will not only strengthen their understanding of Mathematical concepts, but will leave Wyndham with the vital Mathematical skills needed for the real world and everyday life.